Artist Statement:

My current body of work explores this idea of landscapes taking selfies. You look around and everyone is head first, hypnotized into the throws of social media. We are falling into the bottomless hole of news feeds, paid ads and stories. Our fingers are scrolling into oblivion. I coined the term, “feedscapes” or “screenscapes” for my work. Despite the core reference to online culture, my work is rendered by hand with physical materials, mixing up the omnipresence of our physical and digital experiences. 


The only landscapes we experience are on our screens and not IRL. We see the curated content of celebrities, beautiful images from travel bloggers mixed with blurry cat pics from your great aunt in Idaho. My paintings imitate instagram filters, over-saturated and oddly cropped photos. I find the notion of a landscape taking a selfie funny; what filter would it use? The paintings poke fun and tease one another. These paintings are a response to how people view the world through a digital lens. Within each painting are executions of perfect technique mixed with purposeful sloppy mediocrity. They seek to find the fun, the beauty, but then again, they also bounce back to serious sometimes...


Serious was my experience giving birth. Birth is nothing short of traumatic and this type of mark-making to imply a lifeline is a constant in my work. Each layer of mark-making creates new and different patterns. These patterns inform the next painting.


My experience as a graphic designer has influenced the style and colors of my paintings. I am surrounded by vectors, patterns, design software and screens. This steers the paintings into a curious mashup of screens, birth, motherhood, social media, landscapes and mark-making.