I was born in Dorchester, MA and currently live in Holbrook, MA with my son Levi, husband Matt and Sulie the dog. 


I received my MFA in May 2016 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I earned my Post-Baccalaureate degree from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2014 and a BFA in Studio Art from Indiana University in 2009.


Sweet. Fruity. Pink. Patterned. Decorated. Plastic. Fake. Adorned. Pretty. Blingy. Girly. These are the terms I think about while creating new pieces. My work is an exploration of the tension between chintzy craft store materials and high art. My background as a graphic designer plays a major role in my paintings, playing homage to the daily influence of vectors, pixels and screens. What does it mean to be pretty? What does it mean to be fake? When engaging with my work, consider these questions and the history of still life painting, craft art and graphic design.  

PICTURED ABOVE: Rachel and her son, Levi in her home studio in Holbrook, MA. October 2018.